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Dia de los Muertos

I have been teaching Sunday School at our Unitarian Universalist church and we spent a few sessions studying Dia de los Muertos. I have decided I really like this holiday. It is a way to remember loved ones who are no longer alive but it is colorful and even joyful.

So I created an "ofrenda" with my sons and we put sugar skulls we made and decorated on it and printed out pictures. I realized I didn't have any pictures of Iain easily accessible. :-( If I can find one I'll put it on the altar but if not I have his hat that I always wore.

It's supposed to be the time when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest so our ancestors and loved ones can reach us more easily. I really like that idea because I so wish I could talk to him again.

I will light a candle for him.
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I just noticed that LiveJournal is purging some accounts?
"Purging of inactive accounts: As noted in news, inactive accounts are systematically being deleted if they have never posted an entry, and have not been logged into in the past 2 years."

I'm afraid they will purge this one, and I'd like to keep it. So this post is just a holding action, if that's possible
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That time of year again...

Well - it's that time of year. I'm thinking about Iain again as Oct 5 came and went. I've been too busy to feel much of anything besides scared and stressed and overwhelmed as we try to save our home from foreclosure, but then I realized that October is the birthday time for my father and Iain both. I miss them. If the veil between living and dead really does grow thinner around Samhain I would wish to somehow communicate with them. And Steve Arlow too. Strange how the people who touch our lives become a part of us in some way.
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Election night

As I sit here watching the election results come in, I keep remembering how, four years ago, I watched the results come in, and as things went bad, then worse, I kept thinking of Iain and how much he would have hated to see it.

I wish he were here to see the news tonight. And I think of him as I watch, and wait, and hope.
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Loss and Identity

I am not my son; my son is not me. That is all the insight I have for now.
Rosalee Sorels says it:

We're not one, we're worlds apart, you and I
Child of my body, bone of my bone, apple of my eye.
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Missing Iain

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Iain's birth. October makes me think of Iain and my father (his birthday was Oct as well). My own son's birthday is October 19th. It makes me feel so very sad for mecmom. I want to send her lots of love. I still think of Iain at moments - when I hear a song, when I read certain things, when I eat certain foods...

We heal but never fully I suppose.
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Out of Darkness Walk -- Iain's Wake

Out of Darkness Walk -- Iain's Wake
I have just joined (I think) the Potter's Park walk -- and (I think) thereby increasing the
support goal of that walk. I can't be there in person, since I will be working late on Friday... but I am there in spirit, and if anyone would like to support the cause... (I think) this will tell you what to do:

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"Out of the Darkness" walk for suicide prevention?

[cross-posted to shadowriderhope]

Hi folks,

I've been thinking for a while about taking part in one of the Out of the Darkness walks to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention , but always seem to miss the dates. There are walks coming up in Ann Arbor (9/16), Lansing (9/15), Metro Detroit (10/7) and elsewhere.

If I were to organize a team in Iain's memory, would any of you be interested in joining me? If so, which of the locations would be best for you - Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit (Kensington Metropark in Milford, near Novi), Lansing, or elsewhere? We could also join an existing team, such as the one sponsored by the U-M Depression Center.

Although it's coming up soon, it doesn't appear to be too late to register, and doing the walk is free.

Many thanks,

~ Hope
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